The restaurant's menu El Trull d'En Francesc

First Courses
Hot first courses 

Duck Foie Gras (Josep Cornellà de La Cellera de Ter) terrine with quince, raspberry coulis  and cottage-loaf toast. 14
...“poêle” in Cabernet sauce with applesauce. (2 slices). 16,25
Winter soup
Gratinated onion soup with Set de Siurana cheese. 8,5
Pasta broth with meatballs. 8,5
Cream of pumpkin with foie “poêle” and shavings of Iberian-ham. 9,75
Crunchy pig's trotters salad with pine-nuts and vinaigrette. 9,75
Grilled goat's cheese salad, quince, duck ham, dried fruits and olive vinaigrette. 9,75

...pan-roasted with three sauces (vinaigrette, allioli and caramelised tomato and onion) 11

Rice from Riumors (25/30 minutes)
...with penny-bun mushrooms and squids. 12,5

... fresh shrimp with new oil and sea salt flakes. 19
...of warm pig's trotters with foie and olive vinaigrette. 11,5

Octopus arms
...Galician-style (based boiled potatoes, olive oil, dried red pepper and salt flakes) 14,5

...of duck confit with penny-bun mushroom béchamel. 12,5
(from Josep Cornellà, La Cellera de Ter)
...Gratinated home-made. 10

...home-made roast meat with small bouquet of salad. 9,5
...Iberian ham with small bouquet of salad. 11
...penny-bun mushrooms with small bouquet of salad. 10

...Quality Iberian and cottage-loaf toast spread with tomato. 19

...and cottage-loaf toast spread with tomato. 10,75
Children's Menu. 12 €
Roast chicken or Veal cutlet or Grilled pork loin or Croquettes or Pork sausage or Lamb's ribs
 + Macaroni with tomato and chips
+ Ice cream (chocolate or vanilla)or Caramel custard with or out cream or Strawberries with cream or orange juice  or Profiteroles with cream and hot chocolate
+ Surprise (for kids who eat everything!)
Main Courses
Duck  (from Josep Cornellà, La Cellera de Ter)
Foie-gras “poêle” in Cabernet with apple sauce (3 slices) 19                                         
...crispy oven-roasted leg 14,5
...grilled magret (from 5-acorn duck) 14,5
...magret with apple sauce and ratafia sauce (from 5-acorn duck) 14,5

Suckling kid  (from Fusté Burgues butchers, Figueres)
...grilled ribs. 17
...batter-fried ribs. 17
...grilled (leg or shoulder) 24 
...oven-roasted (leg or shoulder) 24

Lamb  (from Modest Genis, Vilabertran)
...grilled leg with rosemary. 17,5
...grilled ribs. 15,5
...oven-roasted shoulder. 17,5

Porc  (from Fusté Burgues butchers, Figueres)
Traditional roast suckling pig. 26,5
...grilled sausage with sautéd white beans (from Miquel Serra, Figueres) 10
...well-grilled pig's trotters. 11,5
...oven-roasted pig's cheeks. 13,5
...trotters with mushroom sauce (mushroom) and gratins. 13,5

Veal and Beef
... grilled veal chop, (300gr.) or Roquefort sauce (+ €1)or with penny-bun mushrooms sauce (+€1.50) 15
... grilled veal chop, (500gr.) or Roquefort sauce (+ €1)or with penny-bun mushrooms sauce (+€1.50) 18,5
... grilled veal fillet, or  Roquefort sauce (+ €1) or with penny-bun mushrooms sauce (+ €1.50) 22
Casserole of veal cheeks with penny-bun mushrooms. 13

Salt cod (from the Cumbriu brothers)
...Salt cod with cream of preserved penny-bun mushrooms. 16,5 
...oven-roasted Catalan-style with potatoes. 16,5

Fish and shellfish
Grilled or oven-roasted bass. 17,5
Grilled or oven-roasted monkfish. 19,75
Supreme roasted corvina. 24
Oven-roasted fresh lobster (1/2 kg.). 27
Toasted bread 0.30 €       Bread with tomato 0.50       All prices include VAT
Ability to prepare the dish without gluten
The basis of our menu is Catalan cuisine with personal touches and the highest quality products.
90% of the products served are purchased from local producers in the area with the maximum ecological potential.



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